Various aspects of the fish based sandwiches offered by fast food chains.

Filet-O-Fish sandwich sold by McDonalds

General DescriptionEdit

&nbsp Most fish based sandwiches are composed of a fish patty which has been deep-fried, tartar sauce, and the bun. Some fast food variants go as far as to include lettuce and/or other vegetables. The quality of the fast food variant is highly questionable and depends greatly on personal preferance.


Many of the original fish based sandwiches were created for Catholics who did not eat meat on Fridays. Nowadays, muslims also will eat the fish based sandwiches at fast food eatery as fish is most always considered "halal." For businesses, this offers a variety of sandwiches for their customers to choose from and also allows religious people to enjoy the food, so the business can turn a profit.

Various Nutrional FactsEdit

Calories Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Cholesterol (mg)
BK Big Fish 640 32 1370 45
Wendy's Premium Fish Fillet 500 24 1010 30
McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish 380 18 640 40
Culvers' Walleye Filet Sandwich 653 38 1169 64
Culves' North Atlantic Cod Filet Sandwich 663 40 979 76